Master’s Welcome

Masters Welcome

I am extremely honored to become the 159th Master of St. George’s Lodge #6, here in Schenectady, New York. This Colonial Lodges Charter dates back to 1774 and we are still going strong. My Grandfather, on my fathers side, was a Mason in Richmond Hill, NY. As I grew up my mom would mention this but unfortunately I never met him, he passed before I was born. This always stuck in my head and one day at work, my boss mentioned Masonry and that was the beginning of my travels toward becoming one. 

I’ve found becoming a Mason was a personal challenge, I’m extremely proud of this accomplishment. It takes some dedication on your part, the rewards are worth it. I’ve made a lot of good friends/brothers through this organization and I cherish each and every one. 

This past year, most Masonic lodges and groups went Dark, no meetings, due to Covid 19. Slowly things progressed forward and we are again opening our doors to welcome NEW and current Masons back. I want to welcome everyone to regular Lodge meetings beginning in September 2021. I’ve been working diligently with past masters and my officers to formulate interesting and fun meetings for the coming years.

W.:.Raymond Kappes

“To Be One, Ask One” 

Men who are interested in Masonry or joining St. George’s Lodge are encouraged to email the lodge. Use one of the following Officers (ex: Worshipfulmaster, Seniorwarden or JuniorWarden) and use the following:

Officer of your choice”@”stgeorgeslodge”.”org

Someone will contact you to setup a meeting with one of our Brothers.

The Lodge meets on the Second and Fourth Thursdays of the month from September thru May with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas Weeks. Check our calendar for the most up to date meeting information.

“A man cannot go very far in Freemasonry without discovering that much of it’s past continues to live in it’s present and that we do many things in our Lodges precisely because Masons have been doing them for generations. To learn something about Masonic history, therefore, is to learn something about Masonry as it now exists. Every Mason and every Lodge should recall periodically the history of the craft, review the landmarks and traditions of the fraternity, and be reminded of individual achievements. We are now in the 245th year since the founding of St. George’s Lodge and the establishment of Freemasonry in Schenectady, New York.”

– W:. Chad J. Pezzano

“A people indifferent to the landmarks of it’s past will not long retain it’s capacity to achieve an honored future”-JUSTICE SAMUEL NULL