Master’s Welcome

As we embark on the 241st Anniversary of St. George’s Lodge No. 6 I am honored to serve as your Worshipful Master for the 2015 – 2016 Masonic year. I am honored and lucky to serve with a great group of Officers throughout this Masonic year. Masonry is truly special because it takes all men, whether they are affluent or destitute, and unites them in a common goal of self-improvement, and bettering our communities. President and Brother William Howard Taft once stated “Masonry aims at the promotion of morality and higher living by the cultivation of the social side of man, the rousing in him of the instincts of charity and love of his kind. It rests surely on the foundation of the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God”. The Masonic principles of Charity, Faith, and Brotherly love is what truly units us and improve us as men and Masons.

I am excited that this year we will be celebrating our first Summer Festive Board at Johnson Hall, the home of Sir John Johnson who warranted our lodge on September 14, 1774. For this special occasion we will be bringing back our original Charter issues by Sir. John Johnson for the first time since it was written in 1774. We will also have our annual Table Lodge in January. Also during this Masonic year we will be incorporating the principles of Observant Masonry. We will not be changing any of our ritual, but we will bring back the traditions and customs that changed over time. I hope each Brother will enjoy the programming throughout the year and gain more knowledge in Masonry.

Men who are interested in Masonry or joining St. George’s Lodge are encouraged to email the lodge at worhsipfulmaster@stgeorgeslodge.org to setup a meeting with one of our Brothers.

Fraternally yours,
W:. Chad J. Pezzano

A man cannot go very far in Freemasonry without discovering that much of it’s past continues to livein it’s present and that we do many things in our Lodges precisely because Masons have been doing them for generations.To learn something about Masonic history, therefore, is to learn something about Masonry as it now exists. Every Mason

and every Lodge should recall periodically the history of the craft, review the landmarks and traditions of the fraternity,

and be reminded of individual achievements. We are now in the 237th year since the founding of St. George’s Lodge and

the establishment of Freemasonry in Schenectady, New York.

“A people indifferent to the landmarks of it’s past will not long retain it’s capacity to achieve an honored future”-JUSTICE SAMUEL NULL



St. George’s Lodge No. 6, F. & A. M.

Warranted September 14, 1774

Meetings held the Second and Fourth Thursdays

September thru May

at the

Schenectady Masonic Temple

394 Princetown Road

Schenectady, New York 12306