Master’s Welcome

As we are now under way for this year, I want to say thank you to all who have come out for our meetings and to volunteer at the Regional Food Bank.  I also encourage all members to be active in the Masters and Officers Association of the Old 17th District.  This is a great way to enjoy the company of our Brothers from other lodges.  Our District Deputy and Staff Officer are both advocating the concept of Masonry without boundaries and becoming active in the district is one way to achieve that.

Our focus will be on the esoteric side of Masonry and looking into the deeper meanings behind the Signs, Symbols and Allegory of our ancient rituals. As no single person speaks for the whole of the Fraternity, we should be open to and respectful of the myriad interpretations of the ritual made by all of our Brothers. What one man may find trivial, could be more important to another. I hope you will come out to our meetings and share your thoughts on the topic of the evening, or bring up your own topic.

We will continue to be volunteering at The Regional Food Bank in Latham on the third Sunday of every month from 9-11 AM.  Remember, this is open to all members, family and friends.  Although this time is customarily a time for attending worship services, we ought to remember that even though we may not be attending service, we are still able to do the Lord’s work to benefit our fellow man.

Finally, in this coming year, let us guide those who desire admission to our gentle craft, serving as faithful and trusted Companions. Let us teach those willing to learn, so that they might do the same for another. And let us participate and lead those who look to us, so that they might follow in our footsteps and later seek our counsel. There is much to share in our mystic circle.

Fraternally yours,
W:. Paul D. Hulseapple

Men who are interested in Masonry or joining St. George’s Lodge are encouraged to email the lodge at to setup a meeting with one of our Brothers.

“A man cannot go very far in Freemasonry without discovering that much of it’s past continues to live in it’s present and that we do many things in our Lodges precisely because Masons have been doing them for generations. To learn something about Masonic history, therefore, is to learn something about Masonry as it now exists. Every Mason and every Lodge should recall periodically the history of the craft, review the landmarks and traditions of the fraternity, and be reminded of individual achievements. We are now in the 242nd year since the founding of St. George’s Lodge and the establishment of Freemasonry in Schenectady, New York.”

– W:. Chad J. Pezzano

“A people indifferent to the landmarks of it’s past will not long retain it’s capacity to achieve an honored future”-JUSTICE SAMUEL NULL



St. George’s Lodge No. 6, F. & A. M.

Warranted September 14, 1774

Meetings held the Second and Fourth Thursdays

September thru May

at the

Schenectady Masonic Temple

394 Princetown Road

Schenectady, New York 12306