The Masters Message

My family and I hope when you receive this message all are well. The holidays will soon be upon us and I wish you all and your families the healthiest, most joyous, and memorable times during this holiday season. Please look for the upcoming events.
Let us not forget our Brothers that will not be with us during this time and wish their families a supportive holiday season. I am confident that I can speak for our Lodge when it is said “We’re just a telephone call away”.
I would like to thank all of my Officers for all that they are doing; their attention to detail, keeping up with the ritual, and being there when needed, we will continue to move forward my Brothers.
As a Lodge we have made a few accomplishments;
• St. George’s/Challenger’s Day
•St. George’s Lake George Dinner Cruise
•Assisted Unity Lodge in Saratoga with the Installation of their Officers
•St. George’s 235th Anniversary
•Earned the Pott’s Award
•Earned the Traveling Gavel
•Assisted Lodges in Degree work at the Grand Lecturer’s Convention and with the 1st Degree.
•VW Damon Carr for answering and rising to the call of Assistant Grand Lecturer.
•We Initiated 3 new Brothers in October, getting ready now to Pass 3
Brothers in November, and with the help of the GAOTU, Raising 3 Brothers at our December 3rd Degree. We also affiliated 3 Brothers from other Lodges this past October.
My many thanks to the Brothers who helped make this happen!
•Brother Bring a Friend; 3 potential candidates came to this enjoyable evening. My many thanks to the Brothers who helped make this happen! Don’t forget them, remind them that their presence that evening was greatly appreciated.
•We already received and will be reading another petition at our November 12th meeting for our 1st Degree in January 2010
Let’s continue to offer the light to all we know and bring them to the table so we can help them to the next level.
If you haven’t noticed by now, that I truly love this Lodge and this wonderful Fraternity, then, let’s talk. Every opportunity that I am in an environment that offers the opportunity to speak about us, I proudly engage in it.
I ask that you consider the District Holiday Party, Friday, 4 December 2009; it gives us an opportunity to share this time as a Lodge family and also a bigger opportunity to meet as a District family. I can envision the kids enjoying themselves as well as
the adults. Good food, great music, and a nice group of folks to start off the holiday cheer, it’s the way to go.
My Brothers, there is a lot of this year left and I would like to continue with the momentum that we have; never, ever, forgetting our precious jewels; our family.
I hope this message reaches all, especially those that have not made it to Lodge in a while…Allow me to say this, you are missed! If there is anything that the Brethren and I can do, do not hesitate to bring it to our attention.
Until the next time we meet or communicate.
– Ed Mosso, Worshipful Master

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