Looking to the South

As Junior Warden I feel it is necessary to speak to a few logistics associated with events. I want to remind you that MasonsOnline is the ideal place to make a reservation for meetings and events. Having a reservation ensures you have a meal
and are accounted for. We do not want to leave anyone out. Please either make your reservations online or contact me directly to do so.
Masonry is so important to me and my life. I am conscious of its tenets and teachings on a day by day basis, and it pushes me to want to do more. I have always felt that there are many layers to Masonry. The fellowship we share is certainly one of these layers. Each one of you brothers means so much to me. It is a joy to come to lodge and something I look forward to. Someone once told me that going to lodge is therapeutic. It is. I look forward to the fellowship we will share at our events coming up.


  1. Reservations can be made through MasonsOnline. I’d like to know what is the most conveinent mechanism for brothers to place their reservations. Please leave your comments on this matter.

  2. TABLE LODGE!!! Thats right, the unforgettable annual event St Georges has been hosting for the past 4 years is upon us. Please get your reservations in to reserve your seat!

    January 16th 2010 is the date. You will not want to miss this.

    • There were 33 present at Table Lodge. There was good food, good drink, and as always good fellowship.

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