Edward Mosso BIO

W.: Edward Mosso

Masters Message 2009 through 2010 Masonic Year

I am honored, privileged, and blessed to be your Worshipful Master for the 2009-2010 ensuing year. I am excited for my officer line and am confident that together we will make an impact throughout the Lodge and our District.
My vision for 2009-2010 is to bring the family closer to Freemasonry. I would like to accomplish the following within my term:

• Show the immediate family that Freemasonry is a family affair; our very own events, Order of Eastern Star and our Youth Programs can help make this happen.

• Share Masonic degree work and major family events with our district brothers encompassing friendship, morality, and brotherly love.

• Raising and enlightening brothers in our Lodge. Believe, and it will happen!

Because we pride ourselves in our ritual, I ask that every officer; elected or appointed, give his all when assigned his respective parts. Let’s not be bashful, let’s work together so we can all stand up at the end of the year and say “We did it”!
To all of which, I charge all within this Lodge, that you do not forget your family; big or small, this is much too precious.
And last, but not least, COMMUNICATE!!!

I look forward to a great year.

Trestleboard 2009 through 2010 Masonic Year

September 10 – Dinner and Colonial Lodge – 235th Anniversary Meeting. Presentation of Service Awards.
September 24 – Grand Lecturer’s Convention. Dinner Prior.
September 28 – OFFICERS – Potts Award at St. Patricks
October 8 – Dinner and First Degree
October 22 – Dinner and Brother Bring a Friend Night
November 12 – Budget and Second Degree
December 10 – Dinner, Vote, and Budget
December 12 – Lunch and Third Degree
December 19 – Saturday – Holiday Basket Delivery from Price Chopper on Eastern Parkway, Schenectady, NY – Meet at 8:30am
January 14 – Dinner and First Degree
January 16 – Saturday – Table Lodge at the Stockade Inn, Schenectady, NY
January 28 – Brother Bring A Friend
February 11 – Dinner and Annual Meeting
February 25 – Dinner and Second Degree
February 26 – Hosting Masters and Officers
March 11 – Dinner and Lodge of Sorrow
March 20 – Trip to Masonic Home in Utica
March 25 – Dinner and Official Visit – R\W\ Al Valente,
District Deputy Grand Master
April 8 – Dinner and Youth Night
April 10 – Lunch and Third Degree
April 22 – Ladies Night at Riverstone Manor
May 2/3/4 – Attend Grand Lodge
May 13 – Election of Officers
May 18 – District Investiture
May 27 – Dinner and Public Installation of Officers
– – – – – –