As Historian, what have you found most interesting in your research?

This is a difficult question, though it would seem to many as very direct and easy to answer. I have been the Lodge historian since 1983. Over the course of time I have uncovered and been led to rediscovered many of the artifacts belonging to the Lodge. They were dispersed over a vast area. As we all know a Lodge regards its name and number as a valuable piece of their history. We have had a variety of numbers assigned to us, but our name remained the same. We cannot act without a lawful warrant or charter which leads me to my answer. The most interesting artifact that I came across was a copy of our original dispensation that was given us by Sir John Johnson. I had an opportunity to visit the Livingston Library in Grand Lodge and while going through some of their archives stumbled upon the copy of the document. It is the same document I have been reading at our anniversary meeting in September. I asked to have a copy made so it would be in our archives. This was only one of the warrants that I have ‘recovered’. I will relate the discovery of another in my next installment.

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